The Ins and Outs of Cruise Wedding Packages

Cruise wedding packages may sound like the perfect solution to planning your ceremony in an exotic location. What you expect and what you wind up experiencing may be significantly different, however. Before setting your heart on a cruise wedding, look over these common characteristics.

Cruise Wedding Packages May Limit Your Guest List

Typically, guests pay for their own transportation back and forth to a wedding. Members of your wedding party pay for their own clothing too. A cruise wedding may significantly limit who can attend your wedding or who can be part of the action. The bride and groom may find themselves having to supplement the costs for someone they want to attend or be in their bridal party. A wedding planner may help you find discounts for groups that can be passed along to your guests.

Secure a Valid Marriage License and Officiant

You may need a special consideration marriage license to cover being married at sea. It’s important to check in the location where you get your license. You can also check with local wedding experts. Many people assume a boat will automatically have someone aboard who can perform weddings or they’ll legally be entitled if you have a marriage license. Others don’t realise the port they’re marrying out of requires a residency stay to make the marriage valid. Make sure you get married when and where you want to by working the legalese out in advance.

Choose Your Dates Carefully

Having nice weather on land is not always representative of what’s happening on water. You want to make sure you are travelling during a season where waves are calm and storms are rare. The last thing you want to deal with on your big day is a nauseous load of guests and bridal party members.

Consider a Variety of Cruise Wedding Packages

Talk to professional wedding planners about the most popular or economical options for hosting your ceremony. Would it be best to have your wedding on the beach and follow it up with a short cruise or do you want to get married on the water? Will you be at port during the ceremony or on route to your destination?

Picking and choosing between cruise wedding packages or designing your own can be a complicated process. A professional can help. Taking the advice of someone who has been through the process can help you save time and money and plan for emergencies that otherwise could ruin your ceremony.

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