Sweep Her With a Solitaire Diamond Ring

A diamond is forever and so is its unparalleled beauty and dazzle. No matter how much we rave about the exquisiteness of this rare rock it never seems enough. Ask any woman and she will tell you how much she loves these gems and no matter how many other versions of jewelry come by her devotion to diamonds remains rock solid. So the easiest way to impress your girl is with one such stone. While most women adore diamond jewelry of every possible kind they have a special weakness for the coveted solitaires. Since you’re all set to impress her, a solitaire ring is the perfect choice.

Not only does it have an aura of exclusiveness but it also manages to convey an underlying message of love and romance. Once you’ve decided this is what you want for her doesn’t go looking for it immediately because there are a few things you need to consider before you make your pick. Diamonds especially solitaires are always expensive and are therefore an investment that needs attention and detailing. So take your time and select only the very best for the love of your life.

Budget – Admit it, you have decided to give her one of the most expensive gifts ever that is going to make quite a dent in your pockets. It always helps to decide on a budget beforehand so that you stay within the bracket you have planned to set aside. Don’t forget to keep a small buffer amount available that comes handy in the last minute if need be.

Quality – It is the quality and individual characteristics of the stone that determines its price. Since every stone differs so does the price tag and you will be surprised to see how even a small aspect can alter its price so dramatically. The four most important yardsticks to consider in diamonds are cut, color, clarity and carats. Understand what they are and how they work before you enter a jewelry store.

Shape – The shape of a solitaire diamond is responsible for its beauty. Since the entire focus is going to remain on a single stone you have to give it careful consideration. Another thing to keep in mind is her preference for a particular shape. Most women have a weakness for some so find out what works for her. In case she’s fine with any shape go for the classic round that has a timeless appeal and also reflects maximum brilliance. You can even consider princess, pear or marquise for a unique look.

Metal – Once again the queen bee is the single sparkling rock which is why the metal setting accompanying it calls for your attention. White gold and platinum complement the gem wonderfully and also accentuate its sparkle if she loves the effect of yellow gold then so be it. Again you must know what pleases your lady so you can select just that.

Her preferences – Women and jewelry are inseparable and each one nurtures a different taste in it. You must know the kind of look she likes. Some women prefer a plain metal setting to accompany her favorite rock so that it basks in the limelight but others may want a slightly elaborate look with metal detailing or design on the shanks for an ornate appeal.

Choice of store – I said earlier that this is a high-end buy so it’s imperative that you buy only from a reputed store that is professional and deals with no duplicates. This is even more important if you want to rely on your jeweler for assistance. Whether it is a regular store or an online retailer, go to someone who won’t cheat you.

Certification – This again is a very vital point for a certificate details the quality and characteristics of the diamond and also gives its approximate value. It comes in as a very useful document if someday she needs to sell it. So always buy a solitaire that comes with the certificate of authenticity from a reputed institute.

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