Review – Acne No More by Mike Walden

I like acne solutions that focus on the root causes of the condition and don’t just target the symptoms. I write about acne treatments that work through modifying behavior instead of creams and pills. Mike Walden’s Acne No More eBook is one such holistic solution and it is the best selling acne eBook available online. So how does it stack up?

Now some of you have never purchased an eBook before but the idea is very simple – the book is saved in.pdf format which you can download and read on your computer or you can print it out and read it like a regular book. The great thing about ebooks (I have lots of them!) is that you can download them and start right away. The publisher saves money on printing and distribution expenses and passes some of those savings to the buyer. An added bonus for acne sufferers is that since it might be somewhat embarrassing to buy an acne manual at a bookstore, the Acne No More download is a great solution.

Acne No More is 223 pages long. That’s much more than most ebooks that rarely eclipse 100 pages. Certified nutritionist Mike Walden wanted to write the acne bible. The acne treatment industry is full of high budget marketing with little regard for the truth. Walden’s program is an exception. His methods are scientifically accurate and clinically proven to work.

Walden writes in a clear, easy to follow language and it’s all laid out cleanly and professionally in a step-by-step format. Walden’s theory is that the only way to beat acne permanently is to make holistic, positive changes to your lifestyle. It works by targeting the underlying causes of pimples through proper diet and lifestyle changes that are proven effective. There are lots of charts and checklists for you to follow to stay on track. He recently added a video companion to the book which is included for free to fully explain every step of the method.

Don’t expect to have clear skin overnight. It takes some time to correct the hormonal imbalances that cause acne. Of course, those who suffer from acne know that getting rid of it is worth the effort. Still, better skin in one week and permanently cured in just 60 days is pretty quick by my reckoning.

Acne No More is one of the most complete, honest and straightforward guide to getting clear skin available today. It tells it like it is and offers a better alternative to what the big pharmaceutical companies would like to sell you and can be much more effective. It is, in my opinion, money well spent, especially since an eBook costs a fraction of what you would spend on mostly ineffective creams and pills.

As an added bonus, the author, Mike Walden, is available for free private counseling to help you with the program. Walden is a former acne sufferer himself and knows what a difficult battle it is. He is so confident that his program works he offers a 60 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. If you don’t see results, he’ll give you a refund! The Acne No More system has helped thousands of people beat their acne once and for all. I highly recommend Acne No More. Give it a try and see if it will work for you.

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