Perfume – An Extension of Your Personality

Wearing a certain fragrance is the most common part of our pampering and beauty regime. We choose and buy them according to our taste, and change every now and then depending on our mood, fashion styles and trends, and even based on whether it`s day or night, summer or winter. Perfume is the extension of our personality, our trade mark, recognizable mark and it must suit us and be similar to our nature. This cosmetic product is well accepted worldwide by both men and women, and the variety of smells is amazing, so each personality basically can find a custom option.

How does perfume work? Fragrance comes into our body, through the skin pores, mixes with our body and “starts working”. Since it mixes with our natural body smell, it is very important to match the smell with your normal skin scent. For instance, sweet perfumes smell excellent on some people, and too strong and unappealing on other. You also might know that fragrance never smells the same on two people and the reason is their unique body chemistry.

When you are buying fragrance (or even better – creating your own) you must consider the body chemistry as a very important factor. That is the reason you will not have the real impression on how will fragrance fit you, without actually testing it on your skin. Perfume should be tested on your hand wrist, and after few moments, you will have an impression of the smell, and know if it fits you or should you keep looking. This testing spot will also show if you are allergic on some substances in the fragrance, which can also sometimes be the case.

The smell of fine perfume should be noticeable immediately after the applying of a small amount of fragrance. The fragrance should not be too aggressive, but it still has to be noticeable around the person wearing it. A good fragrance is highly sustainable, it should stay for hours and you should not have to re-apply it often. It should be hypoallergenic, and must not leave any marks on your skin. And also it should be completely color free.

The strength of the fragrance depends on the concentration of the aromatic concentrated oils in a perfume. That defines the lasting of a sense and the smell intensity. This is the classification you should memorize, based on the concentration of aromatic oils:

Perfume is the strongest version of a fragrance, Eau De Parfum is next, slightly lighter, Eau De Toilette follows with even milder sense, and finally Cologne and Body Splash follow as the mildest and most discreet ones.

How to wear it? For the best and most lasting effect, apply perfume on your pulse points. Best spots for putting the perfume on are elbows, wrists and sometimes neck, and behind the ears area. If you are a lady, you can consider putting some fragrance on the cleavage, or behind the neck area.

When choosing the right smell, be sure to find a note similar to your personality. It will and should be an addition to your image, style and appearance, so keep that in mind when visiting the perfumery.

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