Negative Isagenix Side Effects When Cleansing

If you’re thinking of doing an Isagenix cleanse or are just starting, it’s a good thing to know about potential Isagenix side effects you may experience.

I’ve been using Isagenix cleansing products for 2 years now and have coached nearly 100 people on the systems. I was fairly lucky that I didn’t experience many of these Isagenix side effects, but I have coached many people who have.

Some of the more common Isagenix side effects you may experience and the suggestions for alleviating them are:


Your body is releasing toxins at a much quicker rate than normal and your body is going through withdrawal. As with any addictive substance when you stop putting it in your body, your body reacts in ways that aren’t always positive. This can feel quite unpleasant but should pass within a few days.

One solution for this side effect is to increase your water intake. Be sure to only drink purified spring water if you can. Most other waters are either full of toxins or dead. By dead I mean lacking any good nutrients. You can also drink green or herbals teas.

When you are dehydrated, you can get headaches easily. Also, if you do get a headache, refrain from taking any form of pharmaceutical pain relievers. You are trying to release your body of chemical toxins and taking pain medication doesn’t make sense.

Cold Extremities

Your body is in major cleansing mode because it’s releasing toxins. Your body heat will gravitate towards your internal organs for protection. Your body is using energy internally to cleanse and it takes heat from the other areas of your body to do this.

A simple solution to this Isagenix side effect is to put on some extra clothing. It too will pass within a few days.


Toxins are flooding your colon and in some cases where people have a higher toxic load, it can be difficult for the colon to keep up. It can become blocked and you may experience bloating. It’s best to ensure that before you start cleansing, you are having regular bowel movements. By regular I mean a minimum of one a day, but two or three is actually ideal.

To ensure you’re regular and stay regular you may want to include a magnesium supplement in your daily routine, or add ground flax seed to some of your meals. A few prunes or prune juice usually does the trick as well.

Nausea, Dizzy or Upset Stomach

The body is either alkaline or acidic and is always striving for balance. If your body is more acidic then putting something very alkaline into it will cause upset. This is to be expected.

Caffeine, soda, alcohol, meat, dairy are all known to cause a more acidic state in our bodies. It’s is recommended to have a diet high in fruits & vegetables and to drink lots of alkaline water.

Taking one of the snacks that comes with your Isagenix program along with a large glass of water will help with the nausea. If you feel the most nausea when drinking the cleanse juice, then dilute it in water until it no longer causes the side effect.

Not everyone experiences these Isagenix side effects, but if you do, rest assured, that they only last a couple days. And that if you persevere you will be thankful you did. Cleansing toxins and putting greater amounts of nutrition into your body are big changes for some people. It could be that the more toxic load your body has, the more you’ll experience these Isagenix side effects.

Oh and another really BIG Isagenix side effect is weight loss. But I’ll save that for another article where I talk about the positive side effects of Isagenix.

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