Natural Remedy Against Acne Scars – Massage and Cocoa Butter to Fade Scars and Blemishes

If you want a natural remedy against acne scars, then cocoa butter is one of the natural remedies that can give you results. Let this article tell you the best ways to get rid of acne scars and blemishes with the use of massage and just the power of this natural skin product.

Real cocoa butter can make your acne blemishes and scars fade away in no time. You just need to massage your skin imperfections with this 100% unadulterated cocoa butter six times in a day and you will see improvements in a few weeks.

By 100% unadulterated cocoa butter, I do not mean the cream type. The cream type is already a rancid form of the butter and it uses preservatives. We only want to have the cocoa butter in its most natural form. In fact, the unadulterated form is actually very cheap.

You can buy cocoa butter in a stick and you can just rub it on your hands to melt. Then, massage to the scar to allow absorption of the nutrients. You need to massage it well within a few minutes as this is very important. You also need to apply it six times a day consistently for the next 2 to 4 week before seeing the acne scars fade. This can also work for those with stretch marks.

Of course, this remedy will require a bit of time like any other natural remedies. If you want to conceal your acne scars for an important event or as job interview, you can temporarily use concealer to hide the acne scars temporarily.

The best remedy for acne scars is to prevent it in the first place. You can try home remedies like papaya juices and tea tree oil to heal your acne and prevent blemishes and scars from appearing after the pimple is gone. You also need to reduce the stress and maintain proper hygiene to avoid acne breakouts.

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