Jewelry Ideas for a Stylish Telugu Bride

Telugu weddings like every other wedding are quite special. Telugu people live in the southern part of India mainly in the state of Andhra Pradesh. These days’ people are scattered all the ways in India and thus you will find Telugu people everywhere. In olden times the wedding ceremony for Telugus would be quite long. There would be functions for 16 days. Now due to lack of time people have reduced this time up to 5 days.

Pledges by bride and groom

A wedding ceremony is considered as quite auspicious and on this day both the bride and the groom take pledges. These are seven pledges and would include the oath to be together always. The bride and groom have to move around the sacred fire and this is what we call as saat pheras.

Marriages in temple

Telugu weddings are taken up at a temple. The wedding is conducted in presence of God. But these days the number of people has increased and so because there are many invitees and due to lack of space the marriages are conducted outside the temple. Both bride and groom should wear the traditional wedding dress. Groom wears lungi and the top and bride has to wear the Saree. There should be amazing jewelry to be worn with the Saree. But since the girls have turned out to be modern they don’t want to wear that very heavy gold jewelry. Thus, they want to wear some different and unique jewelry pieces.

Here are some ideas for some unique jewelry ideas for Telugu brides

Traditional jewelry: There is nothing like traditional jewelry. These are quite common and they run just like tradition. If you like such authentic jewelry then you can borrow them from your granny or your mother. This is because it would be tough to find such authentic jewelry pieces for weddings. However, you never know, in the times when everything is available online if you search for the kind of designs you need you might be successful in getting them. Some brides love wearing gold and diamond jewelry which are heavy ones. Some like light ones. Some brides feel that they want to try something different and thus they can arrange a meeting with the beautician who would get the bride ready. Even they have different designer artificial jewelry pieces. But if you don’t wish to use imitation jewelry then you can seek help of a jewelry designer and she can design something for you.

Modern jewelry: The modern jewelry is not quite heavy. They are light and are quite versatile. Anyone can wear it with any kind of dress. You can find so many designs online. These days’ people wear white gold, platinum and diamonds. If you don’t want to be too Goldy then try such modern jewelry. Times have changed and the way Telugu brides get ready have changed a bit. Some people like modern dressing and some like the traditional one.

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