How You Improve Skin Texture and Tone When You Detox Your Body

Skincare is a top beautification priority for Americans. According to recent studies that were conducted, facial care accounts for 86% of all skincare expenditures by U.S consumers over the past few years. Furthermore, skincare is a very profitable industry, generating more than an estimated $3.3 billion in annual revenue in North America. At the top of the list for consumers are products that incorporate anti-aging aspects into them. Needless to say, skincare is of big concern to most people. In par with this is the fact that toxicity in the body is also purged by the body through the pores of the skin. In this manner, one can better understand how a detox supplement may be able to help when seeking to improve texture, tonality, youthfulness and suppleness.

Purging Impurities

Impurities in the body that are caused by an overload of toxins often also seep out the skin pores. Attesting to this aspect, in a drastic sense, are the examples one can find for before and after pictures of the faces of drug addicts. As the years pass, and as the toxicity continues to build in the body, the skin reacts by sagging (facial collapse), showing signs of premature aging, demonstrating toxic extrication via open sores, cuts, blemishes and other undesirable signs. This extreme example can serve to demonstrate how impurities can build up and impact our skin, and why detoxification can help reduce those impurities for purer skin.

Increasing Water Intake

During the average detox process, most instructions tell people to keep a water bottle by their side at all times. In fact, water consumption is fully encouraged. While we are supposed to consume our weight in ounces of water daily, most people rarely adhere to this recommended cycle. But water intake is a critical part of this process, and helps the body flush out more toxins as a direct result. Skin is also comprised of more than 75% water, and when the water is dirty inside of the body, the skin will reflect that.

Flushing the Internal Organs

Your internal organs need to be cleansed every once in a while, too. Think of detoxing your body like you would rinsing out a can before you chuck it into the recycling bin. You’ll have to first rinse away any leftover scum and food before recycling that can. The internal organs often contain this same element – found in toxins – and greatly benefit from an internal flush.

Cleansing the Colon

The waste management system for the entire body, the colon, is one dirty compartment. It’s supposed to be dirty, sure. But over time the waste can really build up and stick to the walls of the colon. When you detox your body, elements like bentonite clay help scrape away excess fecal matter and buildup to help the colon better return to a more consistent digestive pattern, which also reflects on the skin. Why? Because toxic matter that would normally reside in the colon is expelled and no longer is purged via other bodily means, such as through the skin pores. As you can see, there is much remuneration that purging toxicity can offer when seeking to revive and resuscitate the skin.

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