Get Serious About Collagen Skin Repair

You might disagree, but hear me out on this…

Research has shown that collagen skin repair is possible with a topically applied cream that contains protein bound to small amounts of zinc and copper. But some companies took the wrong approach when they were trying to make an effective collagen booster. What were they doing wrong?

The problem is, collagen and elastin cannot be absorbed when applied directly to the skin; their molecular structure is too large to penetrate into the skin. This is a medical fact and most people aren’t aware of it.

Also, instead of including natural proteins that contain the appropriate copper/zinc complexes, they isolated the minerals. In the isolated form, copper and zinc can cause serious allergic and adverse reactions. If you see a product that promises collagen skin repair, but also bears a warning label that advises you to test an inconspicuous patch before use, don’t buy it!

For example, some companies claim that isolated-collagen, sourced from cows or pigs, is a human collagen booster. Those products will also bear warning labels that advise you to discontinue use if redness occurs or increases. That’s because animal collagens cause redness and irritation in many people.

Warning labels are always an easy way for the consumer to spot and avoid products that contain known toxins, poisons, allergens and irritants. There is no need to expose ourselves to any of these things. They don’t provide effective collagen skin repair. They actually make the problem worse.

If you are starting to see some wrinkles, sagging, age spots or blemishes, you just need to improve your skin’s health. It’s sick. It has been exposed to environmental pollution, UV radiation from the sun and, probably, a variety of hazardous ingredients found in popular personal care products. But, don’t worry. You can make your face healthy, once again. Here’s how…

First step…look for a collagen booster that is free of artificial preservatives, dyes and added fragrances. Just because the label says hypoallergenic or doctor tested or doctor approved doesn’t mean that it is actually safe. Those terms are nothing more than advertisements to draw you in. They are not regulated by the industry. I have seen many supposedly hypoallergenic products that contain a variety of known allergens.

The best ingredients are those that come from plants or other natural sources. Companies claim that they must include artificial preservatives in a collagen booster to prevent bacterial growth. The truth is that natural vitamin E is a perfectly good preservative. It just costs more than synthetics and that’s why most companies won’t use it.

So, look for collagen skin repair that contains natural vitamin E, for starters. Then look for an ingredient called Functional Keratin.

Functional Keratin is a natural zinc/copper/protein complex sourced from sheep’s wool. In clinical studies, volunteers experienced no adverse reactions and lots of good results. Firmness improved and wrinkles faded. Even old scars that had been present for years gradually began to fade and eventually disappeared all together.

The best company includes other nourishing ingredients in their collagen booster, including the antioxidant coenzyme Q10. COQ10 skin levels are quickly depleted when we are exposed to UV rays from the sun. If antioxidants like COQ10 are not present, then free radicals will damage the cells, which will lead to an aged appearance.

This was just a brief overview of collagen skin repair. Remember that doing careful research like this and shopping for the safest products is the first step.

To learn about more potent and proven natural substances that can firm up aging skin and restore its radiance and vitality, visit my website today.

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