Dr Floras Colon Cleanse Review

I came across Dr Floras Colon Cleanse by accident one sleepless night.

If you ever had insomnia, like me, you probably have been exposed to those seductive late-night infomercials. I saw one in particular that absolutely convinced me that I “must” have a colon cleanse.

Before I yanked out my credit card, I did a little research online and discovered that the were a great deal of complaints and dissatisfied customers. However, I did find one product that did live up to it’s claims: Dr Floras Colon Cleanse. So that is the one I bought and this is my review.

The Pros

  • Customer support was helpful and courteous
  • A full 365 day money-back guarantee
  • Complete system for body cleansing detox
  • Helps rid you of colon parasites
  • Replenishes your supply of “friendly flora.” That’s the “good” bacteria we need for proper digestion.
  • Dr Floras does a thorough healthy cleanse in only 15 days.

The Cons

  • It took me a bit of time to get used to the taste of the powder I added to my juice, but using a cleansing drink was really simple.
  • The price is a little on the high side at first glance.But if you had to buy each component product individually at a health food store you would find that the price of Dr. Floras colon cleanse is comparable.

What You Get

Psyllimax – This is a special formulation derived from the psyllium husk which is a very potent fiber for cleansing.

Enough powder for a full 15 day cleanse – It can be mixed with juice or water (I prefer cranberry juice) and you drink it three times a day.

A thorough parasite cleanse– Clean out those little nasties that make you feel less than good.

Probiotics – Unfortunately when you do a thorough colon cleanse a lot of “good” bacteria can be killed off as well as the “bad” bacteria. You need to recover those essential organisms. Dr Floras colon cleanse system provides you with probiotics to rebuild your system and optimize your digestion.

One year money back guarantee. I haven’t seen a comparable guarantee anywhere else.

About My Cleanse

After about 4 days, some pretty gruesome stuff was in my stools. I could tell this stuff was doing it’s job.

About day 10 I noticed I had a little more energy and didn’t feel like taking a nap in the late afternoon like I usually want to do.

By the time I finished the cleanse, I had lost weight (4 pounds!) and my belly was flatter. I was able to tighten my belt comfortably by one notch.

And I felt incredible. Still do. I sleep better and my mind feels sharper.

Over all, I now consider Dr Floras colon cleanse system a very wise investment. The numerous benefits were surprising and I strongly recommend this product for anyone seeking a complete and thorough cleansing kit.

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