Clean Beauty Look for a Natural Summer Glow

With summer at its peak, it’s time to embrace a radiant and fresh look that will complement the season’s vibrant yet warm atmosphere. Clean beauty, this trend has prioritized non-toxic and natural products, which is a perfect approach to achieving a stunning summer glow. And by opting for clean beauty products and following essential steps, you can also achieve a natural summer glow that will enhance your features and let your inner beauty shine out. In the below blog post, you will explore the major elements of a clean makeup routine that will help you achieve a natural and radiant summer glow. 

Prep your skin 

The secret to natural summer glow is a smooth base that will make all the difference. Proedit Silk Touch Luminizing Primer is the best makeup primer, formulated to balance the skin and minimize texture. To achieve a clean and natural summer glow, start with a lightweight tinted moisturizer which will give you sheer coverage while hydrating your skin. Nutraglow Tinted Moisturiser – Fresh Ivory allows your skin to breathe under the summer heat. Apply the moisturizer to your face while focusing on the areas that need more coverage. It helps to even out skin tone while giving you a dewy and fresh complexion. 

Set Your Base 

Less is more when it comes to natural summer glow makeup. To achieve a natural summer look, apply a lightweight foundation. The best foundation for Indian skin has to be Proedit Silk Touch Foundation, so apply a few drops of this mineral-based foundation with a clean-damped makeup blender. First, think about your skin type, and for a dreamy cushion-like finish, use Ecostay Ideal Finish Pressed Powder for sheer coverage. 

Create A Healthy Glow 

Blushes and highlighters add an extra pop to your face. That LIT from within brings colour to your face in the most naturally beautifying way. Japanese Sakura, a key ingredient in Proedit Silk Touch Blush Highlighter Duo, known for its soothing properties, adds a magical silver shimmer that still lets the skin breathe. 

Pro tip: Add this blush highlighter duo to your eyelids for the ultimate monochromatic glowy look!

More Attention To The Eyes 

If you’re one of those, who LOVE to define their eyes with subtleness yet make them look elegant, use brown shade from Ecostay Velvet Eye Shadow – Autumn Feel Platte and colour your eyelids. Further, define your eyes using a Colorkick Eye Liner Smoky Affair to create a small wing that will enhance your eyes with a smokey effect. Finish off your eye makeup look using an Ecostay Mascara, as it will amplify each lash instantly while volumizing and extending your lashes.

Note: Your blush and highlighter duo can work as shimmery shades to pull a more natural look together.

Enhance Your Brows 

Ecostay Perfect Brow Definer in Natural Noir will help to define and keep natural fluffy brows in place. Use the brow pencil to create hairlike strokes, and keeping your brows fairly natural is best. 

Create Glossy & Shiny Lips 

For fuller and supple lips, apply Colorkick Exfoliating & Hydrating Lip Sugar to enhance naturally enhances your lips’ colour. You’re just one swipe away from those perfectly pouted lips; use Ecostay Butter Matte Lip Color in Mellow Nude colour for that instant glow on your skin. To top the same, use  Proedit Lip Plumper + Gloss for that natural lip colour look, as it helps to add a subtle pop of colour to your entire face. 

Time To Set Your Makeup 

A makeup fixer, also known as setting spray, helps your makeup to settle down. The array of scents with the goodness of Rosewater and Witch Hazel extract in Ecostay Finish Up Makeup Fixer helps your makeup to settle down while providing hydration to your skin. Keep your makeup fixer on your hands for instant hydration throughout the day. 

With a clean beauty routine, you can achieve a natural summer glow that highlights your beauty while promoting healthy skin. By focusing on skincare, minimal makeup, natural ingredients, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be ready to embrace the summer season with radiance and confidence. This proves that it is possible to take a healthy and minimal approach but still achieve your definition of an ideal summer makeup look!

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