CHI Silk Infusion and Natural Alternatives

A leave-in hair treatment that is popular with many women for its effectiveness in making hair smooth and silky, CHI Silk Infusion actually makes use of silk proteins to do its work. Just a dime sized amount has been reported to do wonders for many women. It works by bonding the silk restructuring complex to hair, which strengthens and protects. For that reason, it is also cited to be a heat protector. Another benefit of using CHI silk infusion is that it does not lead to build up in the hair and can be used every day. The only negatives usually cited by some women are that the smell is too strong or smells like cheap men’s colonge, although most women seem to have no problem with this. Using too much of the product can leave hair looking greasy or oily, so stick with the dime sized amount at first. The product is usually applied after washing the hair and left in. Hair can also be blow dried at this point.

Keep in mind that while many have found this product to work, it is not 100% natural. Those with chemical sensitivities or those who would prefer to use nature’s gifts for conditioning their hair have many other options. A yucca wash was used by natives living in the Southwestern United States and found to be very effective in cleaning and making hair shiny. Today, you don’t have to dig up a yucca root and make your own hair wash from scratch as there are many products out there that have yucca as their main ingredient. This treatment is reported to be effective, but takes regular use to show results.

Natural hair care products can be found in many cultures around the world, and India has some of the most complex formulas for hair care that employ herbs and other plants. Henna is one such treatment that both dyes and makes hair shinier, but there are also formulas that employ oils, including essential oils, to make hair grow thick and shiny. These are sometimes very strong smelling and shouldn’t be worn out.

Of course, it’s possible to stay closer to home in terms of an herbal remedy that works well for you. European traditions employed many herbs, some of which were used for hair. Birch washes and lamb’s quarter washes are two of the ones used in Ireland and the vicinity.

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