Blue Light Acne Lamp – Blue Light Treatment

Have you got an acne problem? Do you hate going out and meeting people because of acne spots? There are millions of acne suffers all over the world and there are no exceptions to who it acne affects. It is not just the skin condition that cause the problem but it also cause emotional problems and lack of confidence because it is so visible. Teenagers tend to be the worst affected group, just when they have enough problems having to cope with hormonal in-balances and starting to date. Until now the only way to treat acne was with over the counter treatments or medications and therapy from dermatologists or doctors. Now due to advancements in technology it is possible to purchase a portable blue light acne lamp and perform blue light treatment on your acne at home.

Blue light therapy used to be only available in dermatologist clinics with professional equipment but the portable acne lamps have changed that. The FDA has approved these portable devices for home use on mid to moderate acne. The acne lamps work in the violet light range 405-420 NM. Studies have shown that blue light in this wavelength range targets to kill propionibacterium acne (the bacteria associated with acne) whilst being safe to use producing no harmful ultra violet rays. It is easy and quick to use these lamps at home only requiring 15 minutes treatment a day for mild to moderate acne.

Types of lamps available are varied and range from fluorescent type units to others using the latest LED technology or just and LED bulb to fit a standard home lamp fitting. Prices are also affordable from around $50 for the bulbs and between $200 to $400 for the acne lamps.

Examples of available lamps:

BlueMD – Dermatologist-grade Blue Light Lamp

– FDA Approved
– Use for just 20 minutes, 3 times per week
– Dermatologist-grade Acne light therapy device.

NatureBright Clarity Skin Rejuvenation Light

– Comfortable home use
– Favored by dermatologists and salon therapists worldwide
– Harmless, non-invasive, and pain-free facial treatments
– Supports the body’s natural processes to eliminate bacteria
– Builds confidence by creating a youthful looking complexion

Acne Blue Light Therapy 38 LED Bulb

– 38 Bright LED lights
– No harmful UV rays
– Bulb ONLY. Fits into any standard fixture
– Results within 30 days

If you have not yet found a solution to your acne and want something quick and easy to use at home, then maybe blue light treatment with a blue light acne lamp is worth considering.

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