4 Of The Best Places To Have A Wedding In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is well known for its traditions, social customs, and royal charm. Due to this, the state is an ideal venue for weddings. If you are wondering where you can have a wedding in Rajasthan, here are some of the best places:


Also known as the city of lakes and palaces, Udaipur is one of the most romantic places in India. The city has great beauty that comes from the regal palace buildings. The good side is that you can get married in these buildings.

One of the palaces where you can have your wedding is Jag Mandr which is located on an island in the middle of Lake Pichola.

The palace was constructed in the 17th century and provides top of the range accommodation facilities. The good side is that it contains everything that you would want in your stay. For example it has Panghat spa, salon, restaurant, and even a bar. It also has a superb lake setting that makes it a great romantic venue.

Another great place you can have your wedding is Manek Chowk. This fronts the entrance to the palace of kings. Constructed during the period of 1620-1628, Manek Chowk has the ability of holding up to 1,000 guests. The most unique feature of the venue is its beautifully laid-out Mughal style garden.


Also known as the pink city, this is the capital city of Rajasthan. The city has many places where you can have your wedding.

Some of the great places where you can have your wedding include: Barwara Kothi, Trident, Raj palace grand heritage hotel, Jai Mahal palace, Royal Orchid central, and four points by Sheraton Jaipur.


Also known as the “sun City” due to the bright, sunny weather it enjoys all year round, this is the second largest city in Rajasthan. Just like the other cities, it has a number of great places where you can have your wedding.

Some of the best places to have your wedding are: Mehrngarh fort, Bhawan palace, and Hari Mahal Palace.


Named after its founder, Maharawal Jaisal Singh, Jaisalmer presents a number of places that are outstanding venues for a wedding. Some of the best places ideal for a wedding are: Gorbandh palace, Narayan Niwas, Fort Rahwada, Bageecha lawns, Taal amphiteatre, Sam sand dunes, and Sarovar poolside.

All these venues have a lavish outlay. They are also large enough to hold thousands of guests.

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